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Off-White Sausage Necklace

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This unique handmade necklace is made with off-whitish frosted seed beads. The design is weaved to look like a sausage blending it with gold colored beads. The neck region comprises of local glass powdered beads also known in Ghana as Krobo beads. Item comes packaged in an elegant jewelry box.

**Krobo Powdered glass beads are made from finely ground glass, the main source being broken and unusable bottles and a great variety of other scrap glasses.

This beautiful design is carefully handcrafted with bright vibrating seed beads and local glass beads. This is handmade in Ghana with a personal and unique touch to suit our honorable lady who wears it. We design with the purpose of blending African traditional materials to create statement pieces that are relevant for our contemporary users.

Our business is rooted in our love of hand craftsmanship. We work carefully to source items that are uniquely hand-made using stones, recycled glass and metal. We are conscious to use low impact, sustainable and ethical processes. Most importantly, we love to see you wear each unique piece from us with a smile.

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