Wardah Long Kimono Smock | African Smock Dress

97.50 150.00  (-35%)

This kimono is made from the finest strips of mixed bright colors warmly coordinated in its flamboyant patterns. Our smock designs are made from the finest hand loomed cotton into fugu fabric, originating from Northern Ghana.

This Kimono is easy to wear, very chic and comfortable. You can wear it all day, and it is ideal for women of any kind who wants to look fashionable and confident. It’s a perfect addition to your wardrobe for all occasions and seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn, just by pai ring with other clothing. The lower part has the fringes design to give a perfect finishing. It can be worn with sneakers for a smart casual look or paired with your favorite hills for a more professional look.

Exceptional Note Below **Just for the Smock Fabrics:

If you have particular specifications, for instance wanting it above or below knee, wanting more room space for a comfy feel, or exact size to fit, etc., let us know after you place your order. Depending on timing and specification, we at times do some alterations and adjustments for you before shipping out your order. Isn’t that lovely? 😊. Cheers and Happy Shopping 🥂

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