VondeeWorld is a fashion brand for culturally-inspired designs for Africans and its Diaspora. We aim at displaying and sharing the African culture and heritage with the world through products and arts which are modern, functional and relevant to our contemporary users.

Our range of products have evolved over time to transcend cultures, blending African traditions with contemporary influence, as we seek to celebrate the cultural diversity of our communities. We are very intentional about transforming the little pieces of ideas around us into something sustainable for the larger community, without sacrificing creativity and style.

For a professional look, or just something casual to complement your person, VondeeWorld has got just the right fit for you. All items are handmade with passion, designed for you as a unique customer. Wear each piece with love and step out with confidence each day!!!

Doing Good with a Sustainable Business

At VondeeWorld, one of our objectives is to support small businesses on the African continent. Most of our products are sourced from Ghana and other parts of the sub-region. Our current designers are entrepreneurs with small business values in mind. Also, since many of our small-scale designers live in far-flung locations, our online platforms give them a chance to share the beauty of their styles, designs, and techniques of their homeland with others, fostering a deeper connection to individuals across cultural, linguistic and political boundaries.

In the next years, we aim to operate a Social Enterprise, bringing together vibrant youths, who for some reasons are school drop-outs. This is a refocused effort to provide lifelong learning opportunities for all, equipping and empowering them with the necessary skills needed in a competitive business environment. This would be our quota towards reducing the recurring poverty levels in Sub-Saharan Africa, commencing with Ghana, where I come from.

To VondeeWorld, success would be about propelling the less privilege with courage and hope, enabling them to rise beyond their limitations. Let’s join forces together as we continue to give back to society through creative solutions to societal problems!!! Remember to smile, stay awesome and #wearevondeetoday

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7, Rue de la Paix
L-2312, Luxembourg
Email: info@vondeeworld.com 
Customer Service:  +352 671 108 423
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